In the words of award winning wedding planner Katrina Otter, these are ‘a croquembouche masterpiece with a twist’. We believe our chocolate dipped profiterole towers are a tastier and prettier alternative to the traditional caramel croquembouche. Perfect choux pastry, dipped in chocolate and decorated with all manner of fabulous additions from gold leaf and piped chocolate to shimmery textures and crunchy nuts. You can hire our antique sword if you want to stick with tradition and knock the top off your croquembouche, or we can add one of our wonderful cakes as a base tier for a more refined cake cutting moment.

Our recomended size croquembouche has 200 profiteroles and costs £395, plus £195 for an optional base tier cake

Provides 200 profiteroles, Price £395

Peach & White Croquembouche

Provides 200 dipped strawberries, Price £395

Strawberry Tower
Only available May to Sept 

Croquembouche provides 200 profiteroles, plus £4.50 each for 40 cup cakes

Croquembouche with Chocolate Cups

Croquembouche serves 200 profiteroles £395, plus cake serves 75 portions £195, optional gold leaf £50 gold. Flowers provided by brides florist.

Anemone Croquembouche

Serves 200 profiteroles, £395 plus £50 optional gold leaf

Marble, Almond & Gold leaf Croquembouche

Provides 200 profiteroles, Price £395, plus £195 base tier cake provides 75 portions

Champagne Gold Croquembouche

Provides 200 profiteroles, £395 plus optional £50 gold leaf

Gold Leaf Croquembouche

Provides 200 profiteroles, £395 plus optional £195 base cake

Peach & Dark Chocolate Croquembouche


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