Classic Cakes

Cascading Roses Wedding Cake in nude blush

White Sugar Flower & Lace Wedding Cake

Shimmering Cascading Roses Wedding Cake

Ornate piped cake

David Austin & Orchid Cascade Wedding Cake

Peach & White Croquembouche

Stapleford Drapes Miniatures

Taupe Lace Dessert Table

Ornate Piped Wedding Cake

Etheral Romance Wedding Cake

Damask Shimmer Wedding
Cake with Peonies

Modern Rose & Peach Ombre Wedding Cake

Contemporary Shimmer Wedding Cake
on bed of flowers

Silver Pearl Miniature Cakes Cake

Floral Madness Cake
Photography by Sarah Vivienne

Snowflake Miniature Cakes

Pearl Drapes Wedding Cake

Lace & Peach Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

Cream Cascading Garden
Roses Wedding Cake

Classic Lace & Stripe Wedding Cake

Coral David Austin & Lace Wedding Cake

Cascading Pearls Miniature Cakes
Stephen Gormley Photographer

Pure Classic Lisi Semi-Naked Cake

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